Single player games you wish were multiplayer?

I know a lot of people prefer one or the other when it comes to gaming. I feel like if certain games were multiplayer, I would be more inclined to play them though. So for you, what game or games do you wish had multiplayer?

One game I can think of straight away is the Sims (4). My wife loves the game and I would love to be able to play it with her. It just isn’t fun for me by myself. Like I enjoy building stuff now and then but actually playing with the sims themselves, it is boring to me. She is the opposite so I tend to build stuff for her. I would love it if we could play together.

Online or offline? Or does it matter?

I will say Shadow Of The Colossus is up there on my list. They were working on it but then they scrapped it which was unfortunate. I would have loved to play that game with friends.

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I am really going to have to think about this. I know there are games I have said in the past that I wished were multiplayer or at least co-op but I can’t think of them right now. There was one not too long ago I was talking about. I can’t remember it though!

This is kinda cheating but i wish there was more MP stages in portal 2

I don’t know. I mean the single-player games I have played I have enjoyed a lot and I never thought about playing with someone else. I can see the appeal of certain ones having co-op but most are fine as they are. I think more single-player games need to be focused on, personally. Online games and multiplayer games tend to be popular these days and it really strips away from the single-player experience.

I am going to stick Breath Of The Wild in this thread but I believe that is what is going to come next. I mean the game is beautiful and fantastic to play through but there are parts where it would have made it a whole other experience to be able to play with someone else.

Chrono Trigger, similar to how Secret of Mana was. Probably asking too much from the SNES hardware of the time. But adventuring in Chrono Trigger with up to 2 other players (through multitap) along for the ride would have been awesome.