Should old game cases be recycled?

I made the choice to get rid of all my cases and I will be putting my games in a large zip binder that is meant for CDs. The reason I am doing this is that I will be moving next month and Just don’t have the space for all the cases and don’t want anything to get broken or go missing. So yeah, I am not sure if I should throw them out, recycle them, or see if someone wants to buy them. What do you think?

Yeah they can be recycled. I know some people do like to collect them though so it might be worth putting them up on eBay first. If they don’t sell, just put them with your recycled items.

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Put them up on Ebay or Craigslist first. Also make sure the cases can actually be recycled in your municipality. (not every kind of plastic can be processed, or it taints the recycling system)

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I agree about trying to see if someone wants them first, even if you just give them away. There is always someone looking for some cases. A friend of mine actually collects them. Doesn’t even have a lot of the games anymore but loves having a wall full of cases. He views it like art.

I was going to say that. Some plastic can’t be recycled because it lets off toxic fumes. I think in my area, the only plastics they won’t accept are ones that have had chemicals in them.

All plastics are made of chemicals my man…

That said, most modern DVD / Game / Keep cases are made of polypropylene with the transparent jacket made of polyethylene

(the name for them is Keep Case or Poly-box)

If you want to go older than PS2 / Xbox era, you’d be getting into the age of the Jewel Case, all of those were made of polystyrene. Those make a crap ton of carbon monoxide when ignited.

But yeah, in my case they only take #1 and #2 marked recyclables. That being Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET / PETE) & High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Both are usually only from food containers and some household items.

The Jewel Cases & Keep Cases technically get sent to the landfill here. Same goes for my Polylactic Acid (PLA) Thermoplastics, the most commonly used 3D Printer plastic in the market as it’s a bioplastic made from renewables, can be composted in the right conditions, or incinerated.

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^ thanks for posting that

I was going to bring this up. Like plastic =/= plastic. Not all plastic materials are the same. Same with glass. There is actual glass on the market that contains lead. It is often used for decor items and is never (or should never) be used for consumable products like eating from or drinking from said glass.

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If you are going to recycle them, just make sure your area allows them to be recycled. They might allow them but not from the traditional curbside pick-up. You might have to take them to a special facility.

Thanks for the information guys. Yeah I am not sure if they can be recycled in my area or not. Does anyone know what plastic the modern game cases are made of? I am sure there is a label on them. I am going to throw a listing on ebay and see if anyone wants to buy them… Well, pay the shipping for them. That is all I am going to charge for them.

Oh yeah I know, I just meant that some chemicals are worse when burned/melted vs others that don’t let off too many toxins.