Seasonal Items Available For Animal Crossing

For those of you who play or know someone who does, it’s the season to get back on the game. The new Christmas/Holiday items have been released for it. It is a pretty sizable winter update, to say the least.

March will feature Mario-themed furniture as well as a celebration of Super Mario’s 35th anniversary.

I may not play the game but I do like it when games do stuff like this. You get to celebrate your favorite times of the year in your own little video game world.

Nice. I will have to check this stuff out. I haven’t been excited for the holidays in a while. I feel like this year has been especially bad because of everything happening.

I feel like just a few weeks ago there was Halloween stuff all over the place and now Christmas. The end of the year holidays move so fast, especially in video games.

They added in lights and everything. That is pretty cool. I wonder if they will have some kind of special thing happening Christmas Day.