Scalping Ban in the UK?

IGN posted an article on this and it says:

“Politicians are stepping up plans to ask the UK government to consider a console scalping ban (or introducing other protective legislation) to prevent the high levels of reselling seen for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.”

I don’t know much about the laws in the area but I am curious to see if they can actually do something about this. Like, pass a law that makes it a criminal offense, at least to the degree of a hefty fine. It is still and issue in the US but people are protected and able to do this.

I don’t know how far this can go because this is interfering with a company’s way to profit. Nintendo does not care about this stuff and I doubt Xbox and Sony care much either. I don’t know if they would sell as good without the scalpers hoarding everything. The easiest way to get around this though is to stock more consoles. 2020 aside, there is no excuse.

I would think those companies care because a lot of money made from consoles is games sold and subscription services which requires the console to be used. I know Microsoft/Xbox is focused more on making profit through subscription services than selling more consoles. So scalpers holding onto consoles could jam up company profit flows by pricing out many potential gamers and slows down distribution of hardware.

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I would agree that Microsoft and Sony care but I am on the side where I don’t think Nintendo does because they focus more on meeting sales quotas. So for them, scalpers buying up all their consoles just means they are reaching their goals.

No one likes scalpers. Money or not you have to consider how many complaints these companies receive over this kind of crap. I am all for them banning this if they can do it without violating anyone’s rights in the process.

At any given time, you can find new consoles on eBay for as much as 4 times the price. It is nuts. I think companies like eBay should ban this. Make it so they can’t over-value current tech items and things people tend to hoard and upsell.