SAFE Call of Duty 2!

Please bring back xfires heart and passion. CoD2 is still being played by a lot people, me included. It was the best game for xfire. It was so great to collect playing hours, write ingame, start phone calls and manage clans. The one thing xfire was perfect, that it was so simple to understand. I will never forget the moments, we asked for cws or pcws on xfire and created so many communites. The blog feature was also a great component. Try to involve as many old features as you possibly can (the soundboards for example). The moment xfire went off a lot of Call of Duty 2 (and other Cods) collapsed. It was one of the most sad moments. I KNOW THERE ARE STILL A LOT PEOPLE OUT THERE! MAKE YOUR VOICE LOUD! Bring back the old game memories! CoD2 1.2 4 LiFe. NDG 4 LiFe <3


I thought CoD2 was dead lol

I have been trying CoD2 1.3 a lot lately but sadly no players.
I used to always play on 1.2, but since the disappearance of Xfire, everyone from the 1.2 community vanished.
Back yhen there were still playing quite a lot of people om 1.3, and so a lot of servers converted to 1.3 aswell, but that has now also completely died over time.

Check Call of Duty 2 we are still here!

That is partly true. There are still a lot of people. But you just dont know where to meet. And since 1.2 has a lot less server, people moved to 1.3. But that doesnt mean, that the complete 1.2 community is down or gone. Thats simply not true. I still know a bunch of people who still want to play it but dont see the sense, if xfire isn’t returning

Nice, I think I still have quite a few of my zombies mod files from 1.2, I will have to see, maybe a 1.2 Disco’s Zombies can come back lol

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The gold mine is here, and they are passing right by it :frowning:

The only older CoD game I play is Black Ops 1 and this is only with a small group of friends since the online end is pretty much dead. I also like Black Ops 2 but don’t play that one as often. I wish they would just have a stand alone online game and add to it overtime instead of releasing a new one every single year. That is why I stopped playing it.

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Call of duty 4 and call of duty world at war are still alive on steam. I don’t think too many people play call of duty 2 anymore on pc but I am sure xfire can change that. There always warzone too.