Rust Update Feb 4th - Drones

For those of you who play, Rust will be adding in drone features to the game in the next update coming out on Feb 4th. It will function how real-world drone vendors do so you will be able to drone delivery items to other people. Some are making jokes about it being Amazon and I am sure “Amazon Delivery” will be a roleplaying feature on some of these servers.

I am shocked this is getting popular again. Based on the reviews, I thought the game tanked. I got it a long time ago and had fun with it for a while but they changed too much of it for me to like it.

This will make for some funny streams I am sure from the community of people on YouTube and Twitch playing the game. I can’t see myself playing the game but I do enjoy watching others play it. Kind of like Gary’s Mod. I bought the game and hardly played it but got enjoyment more so out of watching other people play it.

I have a feeling certain players with exploit something like this and piss everyone else off. With great power comes great video game f***ery. lol

I think the game has always been popular, just hasn’t been much talk about it or dumb memery until the RP server popped up.

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^ The roleplaying server made it more “mainstream” for a lot of people. I know several people who love the game. I just never got into it because starting out online can be a frustrating mess.

Interesting addition to the game. I would imagine you need to build one and the parts and pieces won’t be easy to access, not in comparison to other items.

Oh right, the RP server likely got people talking about it again. I guess ever game has its fanbase. I am sure there have been people playing the game since day one and still love it.