RTX 3090s Were Stolen in China

Not sure if anyone saw the story on this one. Over $300,000 worth of RTX 3090s were stolen from a factory in China. They believe it to have been an inside job and are looking into getting it sorted and figuring out who it was. So I expect this to cause more delays.

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LOL people really want to get their hands on this for Cyberpunk 2077

I feel bad for the factory but how the heck do you leave items like this that cost over 1 grand out in the open and available for people to just steal? Lock them up!

I guess the motive here was to sell them for a markup. I can bet you they will end up on e-bay within a few weeks. I am going to have to check. I wouldn’t mind getting one if the price isn’t insanely expensive… I might be part of the problem though lol

Wow, people will really do anything to make a quick buck. This had to be planned for sure. I mean the person who did it fully intends on selling them either online or in the black markets of China.

Maybe lol I wouldn’t buy something like this because you are encouraging the act itself. Like no judgment against you, I get wanting the card but you are supporting the criminal, not the company in this case.

I heard about this but didn’t think it actually happened. I thought people were playing me. Holy crap. It really makes me wonder how bad their security must be but now it worries me that this will cause further delays. I was hoping to get one early into the new year.