Rockstar is giving GTA Online and Red Dead Online free stuff

I guess Rockstar broke some records in 2020 and they are giving back to the community in the form of free stuff for their two current online games. I will list the stuff below if you are interested. You have to log in by the 12th for GTA and the 15th dor RD to get your free stuff.

Red Dead Online:
Free horse (under rank 40)
Free stable slot
5,000 Club XP
2 ability cards
Free coat
Free hat (rank 15 and under)
Free shirt (rank 15 and under)
Free fast travel voucher
Free High Velocity ammo for all gun types
Horse Reviver
Assortment of tonics and other consumables

GTA Online
Free Rockstar Cap and Rockstar Rolling t-shirt

"Rockstar is giving out free stuff!’

Oh wow! A free shirt and cap! lol They should have made a shirt that said “I logged on by February 12th and alls I got was this stupid t-shirt.”


I thought they would give more than just one thing out on GTA V. Well, two but a hat and match t hardly makes me think it is two different items. Neither even look good.

I would much rather they just focus on getting the next game done and out. RDR2 online was a big disappointment and GTA V online is virtually unplayable because of hackers and modders.

I think it is good they still give players free stuff but like Gat0r said, I would much rather they just let the games fizzle out and focus on their next project. GTA V is oooolllddd.

LOL I would have loved a shirt that said that. I actually have a few like that irl. I think it is just a stupid and funny way of making fun of something or someone without being offensive.

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Missed opportunity really. I don’t know a single person who cared about the shirt or the hat that still plays the game. I guess most people have what they like in-game on their characters already. Should have been something better. Maybe another alien suit.

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they should add more maps and actual content at this point copy and paste liberty city from gta 4 or all the maps let us fly there or something. be nice if we got something like this

or like this

be nice if we got a map size of the whole USA or bigger

For the next GTA, I am hoping the do an extendable map. Like make multiple cities be a part of the game. They can even use the old ones and just update them. Allow us to fly to them. It would be amazing.

I’ll make a separate thread to discuss GTA 6 cause I am curious what people are hoping to see in the next one. I really like the multi-map concept.

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I was going to do this and forgot. Going to pop into the thread soon as I can find it. I am sure we will start getting news about it in the next few months.

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