Rockstar actually did something good?

So if you haven’t heard about this, Rockstar went after a large cheating site that was making money off people for buying cheats for the game. The name of the one that they took down was Luna. It seems they plan to go after others. What I am wondering is… What took them so long? Like seriously. People have been complaining about this for years. Did they not realize these people were stealing private information from other players and openly doxing them or harassing them?

Don’t be surprised if this was short lived and not done to protect players but rather prevent other people from earning money through their game.

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I have to agree with ActualAnt. It would appear that their interest has more to do with their money than actually keeping the fanbase of the game happy else they would have done something about this years ago.

The doxing thing might have opened them up to lawsuits or the possibility of lawsuits which could be why they are going after these companies now. I know they outline what is said and done online in the game can’t be held accountable by Rockstar but I think this is a gray area.

If they actually go after more hack/mod/cheat software owners then I will be happy but taking down one does not solve the problem. They need to get their act together.

So they banned one active company that sells software that allows people in their game to get personal information from other players… Now what? There are hundreds of these companies out there.

I do wonder if this is prep work for the next game.

Loads of rumors are flying all over about the release date of GTA 6 coming soon, possible in the next few months. I am going to guess that we will see a new game in 2023.

I was just reading about the rumors with GTA 6 but I just can’t see anything being announced this year considering they just did that expansion bit for GTA 5 in December.

lol here we go gta 5 on ps5 and xbox series x for the 3rd time in a row if they had crossplay with pc xbox and playstation i would be impressed.

Yeah they just keep expanding it. I mean great for people who still enjoy it but most of us are ready for a new game. I hope they are working on it.