Resident Evil Village Demo Goes Live For PS5

Not sure if people know about the demo or not. It is live for PS5 but there will be demos for all other supported platforms in “the spring”. No actual date from what I could see but I am assuming probably in late March or early April since the game comes out in May.

Anyone try the demo yet? I don’t have a PS5 but was able to see it at my friend’s. Looks amazing in terms of graphics and lighting effects.

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I saw someone playing it on YouTube and wow!! I don’t know about the story, that can be hit or miss but the way it looks is amazing!

Lady Thiccness has my attention. That woman is a very tall, voluptuous glass of fine wine. I think her character is going to be very interesting in this story. Almost seems like an old brothel or something.


Was going to mention her too. Lady Dimitrescu is a really good looking character, I don’t mean that just because she is an attractive woman but the design of her being from a different time and the fact that she towers over you as a grown man is terrifying!

The game looks good, better than I honestly expected. The story seems like it is going to be fairly interesting as well. I like the all female team you are going to be fighting against.

I was hoping the demo came out for everyone, not just PS5 but I guess that is a perk of owning the new console. I haven’t actually seen the footage yet. I wanted to wait until I could play the demo myself as to not spoil things so I am avoiding watching it.

lmao is that what people are calling her

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There are so many memes, comics, and general “fan art” pictures floating around of Lady Dimitrescu it is insane. This is all free advertisement and getting people talking about the game. Win win for them. Game looks good though. Might get it.

I have seen plenty of things about the lead villain of the game to already convince me I need to play this. lol

I have yet to try the demo nor watch it but I intend on buying the game.

I watched a few different people play through the demo. The building the game is set in is really beautifully done. The lighting and small details really pull you in. I am impressed. I won’t give any spoilers even though this is just a demo but I think it is worth the watch at the very least.