Red Dead Online To Be Its Own Game

Thought this was interesting. So Rockstar decided to take the full version of Red Dead Redemption 2 and split the online from the game to make it its own stand-alone game. This will be selling for $20 USD. Starting on December 1st until February 15th 2021, it will only cost $5 USD. So if you haven’t played the game or just are curious if online is any fun, now is the time (well, in December) to get it!


I never played the game. Not because I wasn’t interested but rather because the only reason I would have played it would have been to play it online with my friends. I am not big into western stories but the online play always looked fun. I am going to get it for sure!

yay wait this … get it for sure also :yum:Emoji emoticon com máscara médica sobre a boca mostrando polegar para cima — Ilustração de Stock

I will likely get it on PC. I have the full game on console and I feel like I would have way more fun with the online end of the game on PC and while I did consider buying a second, copy, I’d rather not buy the same game twice. This easily makes it worth it though and I am glad I waited.

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NICE! I love that they are doing this. I think this will bring more focus back to the game. It seems like the activity from it dropped quite a bit. I have it on PS4 but I would not mind getting it for PC myself.

I am shocked they didn’t do this sooner. Really, this should be an option more devs should explore going forward. I said this years ago with CoD games. I knew of people who only got the games to play online. Why not separate both aspects and sell them at different prices? Like do $30 for online and $30 for story mode, and $60 for both?

I actually now wonder why they haven’t done this sooner.

I don’t recommend playing it on PC though. They are going to be resetting the stats every 28 days and on top of that, you have to worry about hackers all the time. You are lucky to find a lobby without any.

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That is something I read about. A lot of people have their concerns over it. It is live though on Steam and elsewhere. The reviews seem to be okay so far.

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I got it for the heck of it and I am already facing issues with hackers/modders. I was in a lobby where my first experience of the online-only game was someone glitching my character between two trees and continuously killing me.

Yeah this is why I said not to get it on PC. I am assuming that is where you bought the game? I hate that people ruin games like this that would otherwise be great for the money.

Yup. I already gave up on it. It was only $5 so not a big deal. It isn’t like I wouldn’t have wasted it elsewhere. I could get a refund I am sure but I am not bothered.

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I don’t blame you man. People tend to ruin stuff like this before it even gets off the ground. Online RDR2 had issues from the start. Mix that with bad players and well, you are left with a mess.