RE Village Scams

Thought this was worth posting. It is older news, came out like 10 days ago but I know how scammers work. They try to get as many people as possible so getting the word out about this stuff as much as you can helps protect people.

Capcom is warning Resident Evil fans to be aware of any “Early access invitations” to play Resident Evil: Village as these are fake messages designed as scams.
In an email that Capcom has sent out, the company advises anyone who has received an “Early Access” invitation to play the upcoming Resident Evil game should not accept as these appear to be phishing attempts from a third-party. This is not long after Capcom itself was a victim of a data breach that appears to have impacted employees.


Where there is something, a scammer thinks “yeah, I can profit on that”.

There needs to be better laws and penalties for doing this crap. Too many people get away with it and it just ain’t right.

Can’t say I am surprised this is a thing. Most big games have scams attached to them and the reason people keep doing them is because enough people fall for them.

A friend of mine got one of these e mails. I can’t remember what it said. He sent it to me in a text and the picture of it isn’t showing on my phone for some reason. I think they pretend to select you to test the game or something.