Razer vs Secretlab - Who has better chairs?

Both are overpriced imo and this is what has kept me from actually buying one but now that I have a new job and got a sizeable raise, I want to treat myself. I am just not sure which to go with. Most people seem to recommend Razer chairs or Secretlab chairs. Which do you think are better?

My friend is trying to convince me to get that Pewdiepie LED 100M Edition chair and I refuse. I do not want LED lights on my chair. lol

They are likely the same chair (mass produced base) with different labels on them, do yourself a favor and get yourself a used (refurbished) Aeron. The Aeron is much more comfortable than other ‘gaming’ chairs I have tried.

bro what are even doing here, a razer chair?? the monster energy drink of gaming peripherals. go buy an ACTUAL chair and ditch the gaming bro brands. I mean did you JUST ask me about a pewdiepie chair??? water we dune here


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You are right, they are overpriced but if you like the look of them, then I would say go based on that. You can probably find a chair that is just as good if not better for under $300 though. I got one of those deluxe office chairs with leather and premium padding. Was $250 and I have had it for almost 4 years now with 0 issues. I heard stuff about Razer chairs falling apart after one year.

Secretlab has better chairs overall but still too much in price. Unless you are getting either branded chair on sale, I would look elsewhere. I had a Razer chair back when they started getting popular and they were made WAY better than they are now. My younger bro got one and the thing tilts, the fabric is messed up, and it is annoyingly loud now. He got it for his 16th just last June.

I only know of one person who has a Pewdiepie chair and he regrets it. He said it is the most overpriced fan merch he has and the chair gave him back trouble so you are smart to not get that one though I would imagine the regular chairs aren’t much better.

I need me a gaming wife then ill think about buying a gaming chair.

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Chica isn’t coming back. sryz

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chica come back… you can blame it all on me.


^ She’ll plead the 5th and blame it on the alcohol.

I have to agree with others that these chairs are very overpriced for what you get. I mean you can get a more comfortable chair that will last you longer for half the price.

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I never said anything about getting a pewdiepie chair, my friend wants me to and I am not.