Razer Smart N95 Face Mask

I saw the news on this and it is… Interesting. Now I for one don’t want to see stuff like thing coming out because it implies we will have to continue wearing masks and it is pretty darn scary. I am kind of sick of it already but the concept of the design is nicely thought out.

Razer has unveiled a concept designed with the current state of the world in mind–a new smart mask known as Project Hazel. The specialized N95 mask debuted at CES 2021 and is designed to keep people safe during the pandemic and sociable in a world where social distancing has become the norm.

The Project Hazel smart mask has surgical N95 respirators that use rechargeable active ventilators and replaceable Smart Pod filters. Razer says the “high bacterial filtration efficiency Smart Pods filter at least 95% of airborne particles.” Additionally, each mask comes with a wireless charging case to replenish the ventilators’ battery life. This case also features a UV sterilizer to ensure the cleanliness of the mask.

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These are… Different? I mean I think the filters and UV cleaning is great but the RGB is really weird. Not something I am interested in personally.

I think this is a smart move, no pun intended. I am all for gimmicky stuff like this and if it is not too expensive, I will buy one. Even if I hardly use it. I just love the concept and technology behind it. Very cyberpunk-y which is right up my alley.

I gotta give them credit for adapting to a new market. I know people who were making and selling masks of different sorts made a killing with it. My friend’s wife was making and selling some on etsy for a while and could not keep up. Sold out of them within days of putting them on there.

I have always been against smart tech (i myself am pretty dumb so i feel intimidated) first it was smart phones, smart toilets (like the ones in japan), now smart masks are too far; Ill keep my normal masks!

I’m not intimidated by them but they’re definitely inferior to dumb tech. We should go back to incandescent bulbs and carbureted vehicles

I drew the line at smart fridges. Why does that have to be a thing? LOL It seems like the “smarter” tech becomes, the dumber people are getting because they have no use for learning or remembering anything.

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They look, well, not great imo. I think they are trying to bank on sales with people who love futuristic tech but you can get so much more out of a genuine gas mask and look 1000000 times cooler. lol

Yeah for real. I wanna look like the gas mask guy in HL2DM not like a gay Twitch streamer.

As for the rest of smart technology… more like dumb technology LOL!

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This will likely appeal to people in the gaming communities that stream and for kids 11 to 16. I can’t see very many adults being interested in masks like this.

I’m def getting one. Hey, if we have to wear these god forsaken things, might as well have fun with it. Also cant wait for their premium credit card.

I hate wearing masks but if this will make the ordeal more enjoyable and the price isn’t too expensive, I might get one. I know in retrospect, there are better things I could be spending my money on but I am a sucker for RBG like a 16 year old PC gamers. lol

These are stupid.

No offense to anyone getting them but I think they not only look dumb but are going to be a waste of money. You are better off just getting some cloth masks and going about your day. If you really want a filter system that will work, get a gas mask.

how can you make this comment and then post a thread about if you should get a pewdiepie chair???


I didn’t expect many people to be like “oh cool I want one!” but you have to give it to them for marketing on this. I mean there is money to be made and plenty will spend money on these things. I just like the concept. I wouldn’t wear one myself though.

Id wear it.

Gotta have lights on my case and lites on MY FACE.

I bet they will have some sort of give away or charity event after the product goes live. You can mark my word on that. This kind of thing will not sell as well with people who are not in school but I can see it also getting banned from schools too lol