Ray Tracing on SNES - NUTS!

So an engineer managed to get ray tracing working on the SNES console. This is pretty impressive stuff! Like this is relatively new tech and to make it compatible with technology that is nearly 30 years old, nuts!

There are many engineers out there who solve problems that the vast majority of people can’t even properly comprehend, and there are others who go the extra mile to find problems that most of us aren’t even aware of. A software engineer and game developer named Ben Carter has figured out a way to get ray tracing working on an SNES, and the results are pretty incredible.

Check it out:

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Wow. 2020 has brought us a lot of bad but gems like this really make my day. Thanks for sharing this. I didn’t hear anything about it. Going to read the article and see if I can find some footage.

Nuts indeed. I am always so impressed by what people can do with technology today. Like you have to really be passionate about this stuff to think in and outside the box. Very cool stuff.

I heard about this, like when he was working on it. Had no idea he finished. That is pretty damn impressive. I don’t know how people are this skilled but I love seeing what they can do.

Check it out:

I figured someone would share the video. He explains it. Just have to turn it up a bit. The audio is terribly quiet.


I watched this the other day and was really impressed. Like to the average person, this looks like nothing but when you have been following computer tech since the mid-'90s, you know how impressive this really is.

It amazes me what you can do when you just tinker with stuff. This is why I always try to encourage people who don’t know much about tech to get their hands dirty. That is how you learn.