PS5 Rick & Morty Ad

I am a fan of the show and this one I might be a bit late to. I just heard about it from a friend and watched it. I love how they make fun of the fact that they took a lot of money to make the ad. Check it out:

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Nothing like being upfront by counting the money right there on the table. You know they got paid a lot to make this ad and having Song be showcased by these two would increase sales for some people.

I am not a fan of the show myself. I think the hype around it and the fanbase ruined it for me but that is a pretty funny commercial. It just makes fun of consumerism.

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I wish they did more commercials.

Now what would be hilarious is if they did the exact same thing for the new Xbox. I am sure they are contracted not to but it would still be funny.

Same for me @De2truc. I don’t care about this show either. I tried watching it and I just couldn’t get into it. I don’t really even see the appeal in the commercial. Is this kid meant to be mentally challenged or something?

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Gotta love Rick and Mortys creator’s humor with this. They did an entire episode that was kind of the same concept. Laughing at the consumer but they weren’t actually trying to sell a product.

I think he is just meant to be airheaded and anxiety-prone or something. I really don’t understand it. I will be fair and give contrast in that I have not been a fan of Family Guy since the early 2000’s either.

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Oh yeah, same. Family Guy sucks now. Most adult cartoons do anymore. I started getting more into anime in the last 5 years and have not looked back. Both anime and manga outshine cartoons and comics by a lot. They don’t get political and ruin the stories trying to make them diverse as possible without offending everyone.