PS5 Outsells Xbox X Series 4 to 1

In France, the PS5 is outselling the Xbox Series X (and S) by a large margin. For every Xbox sold, there are 4 PS5’s sold. That is pretty impressive. Most people seem to assume the PS5 will sell better in Europe just because it has in the past. I can’t see the Xbox coming back from this. It will be interesting to see where the sales go for other regions. I think it will outsell and outperform the Xbox this time around.

Yeah like you mentioned, Playstation tends to dominate in Europe anyway.

I feel like once things get balanced out, we will see an increase in Xbox sales. It is still too early to say who will end up fairing better.

They seem to have more stock from my understanding which would imply they are selling better in most zones. I think it was a favorite out the gate because they had more going for them and Xbox was facing a bit of a drought in terms of games available and games coming out in the near future.

I thought this meant like in total, everywhere. I was going to say, in the US Xbox tends to have a lead overall. But yeah, it makes sense for it to sell less in France.

I am suprised, honestly. I guess the PS5 is easier to get your hands on in most places though. Like the Xbox Series X is hard to come by. It seems like the Xbox Series S is being made faster for some reason. Either way, Sony seems to always take an early lead for every new console.

I am shocked considering it only has 3 actual games for it and one of them is a remake of a very old game. So it seems odd they are selling more but I guess people don’t like Microsoft as much over there.