PS5 and Xbox X retsock @ Walmart

For anyone looking to buy either console, both will be available 9:00 PM ET on Wed, Nov 25.

The budget versions (Digital and S) will also be available. I am not sure if this is for in-stores but online it shows they will be available at the time mentioned above.

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I heard about this when I was checking for deals.

I am going to check it out. I might grab one but I have a feeling online stock is going to be done within minutes on both stores. I can bet you that scalpers will be keeping an eye out too.

Yeah, these will not last. lol People got screwed over when they tried doing preorders. I don’t know many people who actually got their hands on either system yet. I am guessing they will be a lot easier to get after Christmas.

I can bet you they all sell out by 9:02.

People go nuts for new consoles and given how close the release was to Black Friday, people are likely only going to be more ready for it.

Probably. I think the preorders were gone in under 3 minutes. Might have even been under two minutes. Like you go on the page, add it to your cart, check out and BAM! Out of stock.

I heard they are going to have another stock come in the second or third week of December for a last chance to get the consoles for the holiday season. I think most people who are not in a rush will just wait until the stock balances out and they can just go and get it without having to drive to a bunch of stores.

So did anyone here manage to snag one? I am curious.

I was talking with a group on Reddit about the sale and of all the people trying to buy either console, only one guy managed to buy one.

I don’t know if this was the case everywhere or not but they got more shipped in at my local Walmart. They didn’t show them online though. I managed to snag an X series. I figured it was there, there were only 4 left… I had the money so why not?