PS4 Models To Be Discontinued

The models they will no longer be making and stocking are the following:

  • PS4 500GB Glacier White
  • PS4 1TB Jet Black
  • PS4 1TB Glacier White
  • PS4 2TB Jet Black
  • PS4 Pro 1TB Glacier White

This is likely down to them focusing more on the PS5. Some speculate they may be releasing a new “slim” version of the PS4 as well.

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I heard the same about them doing a slim version. I just don’t see why considering the PS5 is out now. I would think they would focus solely on that now.

Don’t they do this every time they release a new console but they normally wait awhile? I feel like they are jumping the gun a bit fast on getting rid of older models. Especially the white ones which seem to be fairly popular.

They will likely make a slim, not because it is logical but because money.

They did this before I believe when the PS4 came out. They made a slim PS3 and it sold decently for people who didn’t want to get a new console yet or rather, next-gen console.

So what models are actually left? I always forget they have so many different ones with every console. Same with Xbox. I can’t keep up with them all lol

It depends on what region you are in, but there are quite a few. Japan has the most, of course. They do a lot of gimmick/theme consoles. I wish they did more in other places.

For anyone wondering what models remain, you can look through this list:

I was going to post them but then I realized there are indeed quite a few like Nightkill mentioned.

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Yeah, I can see all the models on that list. It is insane how many get released and most people aren’t even aware they exist. I know I certainly didn’t know about most of these lol