Pokemon is tanking

I see more and more people complaining about how it has gotten so easy, it isn’t fun anymore. I didn’t even bother with the newest game. Not worth it for me. I am not happy about the new features and I think the giant Pokemon are silly. The last one I played was Sun on the 3DS and I found it enjoyable but still a bit too easy at times. I feel the series is getting to a point where people will start to walk away from it if they don’t change things.

I wouldn’t say it is tanking but it certainly isn’t what it once was. The games are a lot easier sure, but you have to keep in mind that they are mainly marketed at children so they are going to be easier. I still wish they would have put in some kind of difficulty options so you can tweak it to be more challenging. I mostly play the competitive end of the game so I just stick with Showdown these days. I don’t even bother buying the games.

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It is still very popular. I know people who lost interest in it while others were just starting to get into it. I can see why it would appear it isn’t doing as good but if you look at the value and their sales, they are doing just fine.

I feel like it kind of took a hit a few years ago. Pokemon Go hyped it back up but it fizzled out. There are still loads of fans, even adult fans, but a lot of long-term fans of the battles and gameplay are dipping out because it is too easy.

Eh, I feel like it hasn’t been anything special in a while. I mean the anime went downhill a long time ago for me. Stopped collecting the cards. Eventually stopped buying the games.

Pokemon is doing just fine in places like Japan and that is where it matters most. They have entire stores and even coffee shops dedicated to the franchise and they make loads of money off them.

I quit playing with any real interest after Diamond/Pearl. The Gen 1ers were right…

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While the newer games do feel like they hold your hand excessively, you must admit that you can easily plow* through the first three generations using only a starter and an HM slave.

To this day, I don’t know what the fuck EV/IV’s are and I don’t care.

*Regretfully, I no longer have my old Ruby cartridge with over 368 hours of playtime. Now I must only plow Gardevoir based on my memory.


Maybe it just a case of people growing out of it. I know some people who never played the games as kids and played most of them as an adult.

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Honestly the games are tedious when played any other way. Takes forever to level up all the pokemons for them to be useful

With the addition of forced SP double battles, it seems like they wanted to make it so that you’d have to train at least one other Pokemon…

while also giving you a legendary that’s already level 40 like halfway through the main campaign lol.