Pokemon Clones of 2020

If anyone is interested in a Pokemon clone style game, there were some worth checking out that were released this year. I know some have been in development prior to 2020 but they are “officially” complete as of this year.

Temtem (PC, PS5)

  • This is one that I have tried. It seems to be more evenly balanced and not as hand-holdy as Pokemon which is great for older kids and adults who want to enjoy this style of game.

Nexomon: Extinction (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC)

  • I have not tried this one but I have a friend who plays it and actually enjoys it more than Pokemon so it might be worth some fans checking out.

Monster Sanctuary (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC)

  • This one is the least like Pokemon but the core is the same and that is what seems to matter most. While I think this is a fun game, it won’t be for all Pokemon fans.

Interesting. I have only heard of Temtem and that was because of a joke a friend of mine made. I didn’t think it was a real game. Turns out, it is. I haven’t played it. Been a number of years since I played any Pokemon game. Might be worth messing with though. I’ll check it out.

Never been that big into these games, not since I was a kid. I enjoy the battles for sure but I am not invested in the story, the lore, or anything like that. Still interesting to see clones like this that are different enough to be their own stand-alone game.

Temtem is pretty expensive for what it is. I guess they are trying to compete with Pokemon’s pricing but I don’t think many are willing to spend $40 on a game like that. It looks nice but the MMO side doesn’t sound great.

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Yeah Temtem is expensive but I did play it. Don’t own it but my brother does. It can be a lot of fun if you get into it with friends.