Physical or Digital?

When buying games, do you have a preference when it comes to getting a digital copy or a physical one? It seems like most people don’t care but some do prefer to have a physical copy of games that they intend on playing on a console. I guess this is how I am. If I am going to buy a game for a console system, I want the physical copy but for PC games or indie games, obviously, that doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter to me anymore. It did like 5 or 6 years ago. I always wanted physical copies but at this point, they just get in the way. It is easier to have a digital library than a stack of game boxes.

Digital is taking over whether we like it or not, sadly. I miss having physical boxes but the convenience of digital is a selling point for most ppl.

If it’s console I like to have a physical box because I don’t trust companies keeping servers up for redownloading games 15-20 years from now. If it’s pc lol idc.

Digital all day every day.

I prefer digital just because I don’t like having loads of things. When I was younger, I had so many games that I hardly had anywhere to keep them and my mom would always yell at me over the “mess”. One time I snapped back and said you buy them for me and she didn’t buy me any more games after that. I had to wait until I was 16 to work and buy them myself. lol

I like physical copies but only of AAA titles that I am really interested/invested in. If it is just a standard game or something I am not sure I would enjoy, I just go digital.

Both for me. In some cases I want the physical copy even if I don’t intend on opening it just for a collector’s item. Other cases, I don’t care about the physical copy and just get the digital.

Digital these days simply because I don’t like having useless stuff. The disc has use but the cases don’t and I feel like I am wasting money when I throw them out so I keep them and they just take up too much room. I moved almost entirely digital a few years ago when they were talking about moving the market in this direction.

I will always prefer physical and was kind of made when computers started moving away from reading physical discs but I understand why. I mean it just makes sense. The reason I don’t like digital comes down the play-ability. Not all digital games can be played offline so if the internet is down, I am bored as balls.

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I don’t buy games if they have an always online requirement (unless it’s an MMO or something of that nature).

I used to be a hoarder for everything physical (games, mangas, DVDs, …) - until it took most of the space in my room and I lost a huge part of my collection in a flood.
Now I’m trying to get everything digital, and when it comes to games, to have it gathered into my Steam library for easy access… and occasional bragging :sweat_drops:

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Dude something like this happened to me. When I still lived at home, my room was in the basement and that draining system where the gutters run to was plugged so the water started coming in through the walls and floors. Unfortunately for me, a lot of it came through by the side where I had shelves with all my movies and games. The wood soaked up the water, collapsed, and everything was in a giant puddle. It all happened when I wasn’t home and was out for like 3 days so nothing was savable at that point. I have since only bought physical things if I want them as collector’s items and I don’t keep them out.

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I get physical copies whenever I can.
I only go digital when there’s no physical version of the game.

Depending on which is cheaper.
If the Digital copy is cheaper then the physical copy, I buy it. (And obviously the other way round too)
I don’t really prefer one :slight_smile:

Digital is more convenient but some games, unless you have the physical disc, can’t be played offline which is a downside of modern gaming.

I don’t think it matters all that much these days because most games come with the option for buying it physical or digital but I know they are still working on phasing physical discs and such out. I think when it comes to Nintendo brand games, I want the physical copy whereas something on the Xbox or Playstation, I don’t care to download the digital copy.

I like physical games but for pc they are not doing that anymore it’s just a code in a box. No joke last game I brought physical was a code on cardboard in shape of a cd rom dvd blu-ray black ray etc. I pretty much get all games digitally. Atleast consoles have physically disk games for now but I am sure one day that will change.

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I used to love getting physical games for PC. I still have physical PC games but have no use for them because I don’t use a disc drive. I haven’t had one in years.

I just bought Lode Runner 2 for pc on CD-ROM from my local thrift store. it’s in great condition! Now to find my win98 box so i can play it…