Outrage Mob Comith - Dead by Daylight Edition

So if you haven’t heard the latest, Dead by Daylight devs are under attack for what they said about requests for colorblind options in the game.

A Dead By Daylight colorblind mode has been a highly requested feature for quite some time, which is quite helpful in a multiplayer game where threats or HUD elements need to be quickly identified for success. But despite many, many pleas and acknowledging that these accessibility features would be appreciated, one developer said these continued demands are “getting really boring.”

Now, I wouldn’t take that kind of comment personally. I have colorblindness issues and when people keep asking for something over and over again, it would get annoying. I guess a lot of people on Twitter took it personally and got offended. Needless to say, they are working on colorblind corrections for the game. I have a feeling they weren’t going to ever put this in the game and are just doing it to keep the outraged mob at bay. Yikes.

I get why some people would be upset over a comment like that. If you read what he actually said, it was a bit snobby. It wasn’t what he said, it was how he said it. That being said, they are getting what they wanted now so they aren’t going to stop outraging over stuff like this anytime soon. People see if gets them what they want, they will keep reacting this way. Just like a child or a pet.

Shouldn’t it be cometh? Or am I wrong?

Either way, this sort of thing happens all the time on there. He was a bit of a tool with his response so I can understand people getting made this time but most of the time, it is just people being upset they can’t have things their way and live in a perfect world.

The dude was being an idiot with the way he responded and the fact that they are adding the colorblind option now is likely down to his response. I can almost guarantee it. They didn’t intend on adding it.

I don’t understand why they just didn’t add it. This game is several years old now. It almost seems like they don’t want to make more money off it or something.

The guy doesn’t deserve to get death threats but damn shoulda just added it from the get go…

^ I do wonder why they didn’t just do it from the start or shortly after people started asking for it.

I get that you can’t do everything everyone asks but it would have increased sales for them. I just don’t get dragging your feet on something like this. And yeah, the dude is getting death threats over it. Insane.

If people kept asking the same thing over and over again, I would get annoyed. I mean I get that and all but at the same time… Why not just add the feature? Like it can’t be that hard.