One in six children steal money. :(


This is just further proof that the number of good video games made after 2007 can be COUNT on ONE hand (5 flanges)!

Back when i was a kiddio (redditor word for child) I stole CANDY from open houses, and jumped off hay bales (still do). And video games never made me steal money! SAD (copyright mr president djt).


I think Overwatch should be cancelled and removed from the Blizzard repertoire.

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I don’t think games make children steal money, more so bad parenting does. I feel like parents are less involved where it matters with kids growing up these days and more involved where they shouldn’t be.

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I don’t know if this is a bait thread or not but on the topic, I do agree with Kenny.

Kids don’t steal more because video games convinced them to. They steal because they are being raised poorly or are too impressionable with the wrong kinds of kids.

I think it’s also easier for a kid to steal stuff nowdays. You just go online and buy stuff, it’s not like they have to go to a store.

I think bad parenting also results in children playing video games out of their intended age group too.

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I didn’t have no internet growing up and look at me :slightly_smiling_face: I’m fine!!

I grew up playing games. I never once thought to myself it was a good idea to steal anything. Given all of last year and the lockdowns, I find it hard to believe kids were stealing much of anything. Most places were closed lol

If a child steals something, the fact that they do or do not play videogames shouldn’t even be a factor. That sounds silly. Like if my kid stole something. I would assume I was not clear about something or he was being influenced by someone else. I wouldn’t think to blame video games.