Old xFire app link?

Wher I can download the old xFire app?

I don’t think it is up anymore but I could be wrong. I haven’t seen it in several years but there still might be some platform where you can find a version that doesn’t function properly.

If you look up xfire.com on archive.org you can still download the xfire client.

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I myself have two separate launchers of Xfire still on my system (snagged from my backups). I have v1.155, and then I have the later 2.0 client as well. They don’t function anymore, but I have been planning to use 1.155 with the PFire software that Alaura mentioned on here in another thread.

If you want them I can probably upload the launchers here as attachments, or I can just put up a Drive link to both of them. I seriously have my doubts anybody wants the 2.0 client though :joy:

Dat will be good, the last app that I use is 1.155, and she perfects work. Thank you, if u can upload goldman27 it will be really good.

Ok, here’s the 1.155 installer:

And for the heck of it, here’s the 2.0 installer (for anyone who’s interested in it):


Thank you m8

Oh nice! I didn’t know this was still available. Does it still function properly? It has been a while since I been on it.

When I try to download your 1.155 installer, google gives me the following:

''Sorry, this file is infected with a virus

Only the owner is allowed to download infected files.’’

But you can still download all the xfire versions via the archive.org

This is the link for version 1.147 > https://web.archive.org/web/20120208161900/http://media.xfire.com/xfire/client/download/xfire_installer_45177.exe

The download is a bit slow, but it still works

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Hmm, I might have to zip them up then. I know for a fact that the installer has no virus attached, but I’ll just have to re-upload it in a .zip file I guess.

Yeah google is quite a b… with .exe files being uploaded.
They get flagged as a virus real quick for no apparent reason.

Google has a track record for this stuff. I get that it is a safety feature but to label something as carrying a virus when they could just say something like “files are outdated” is dumb.

I got the virus message as well. I will just wait until there is a version that is marked clean. Has anyone uploaded that anywhere? I am not going to risk getting a virus.

Error: your DNS server
It does not work

old Xfire client won’t work they are making a new one

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