Nintendo DS Games Being Removed From 3DS Eshop

If you want one of these games, get them while you can. There are many others but these seem to be the most popular that they are removing:

  • Asphalt 4
  • X-Scape
  • Aura Climber
  • Zenonia
  • Spotto!
  • Mighty Flip Champs
  • Escapee GO!
  • Dr. Mario Express
  • Mr. Driller
  • Soul of Darkness
  • Legends of Exidia
  • Spin Six
  • The Oregon Trail
  • Glow Artisan
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Did they say why they are getting rid of them? I never understood why Nintendo does this. Like they lose nothing from keeping them as options in the store. I don’t get it.

What the heck is that game? A pokemon go ripoff? lol I never heard of it. I actually never heard of a number of these. Are they Japanese titles or something?

I don’t get this either. Maybe they just aren’t selling enough so they want to free up space on the market? Still though, why not just leave them cause I am fairly certain they don’t lose anything for doing it. I don’t fully understand everything that goes on though with these gaming marketplaces.

I think the reason they remove stuff is to keep search results clear and everything sorted. I could be wrong. I see nothing wrong with removing games if no one is buying them though.

There is something in their terms of policy because they wanted to ban soundtracks of their games from Youtube and now this? Really friendly to players :smiley: