Nintendo Direct suuuucked

The Switch has been out long enough to expect some more top-tier games to come out but most of what has been released has either been fluff/filler or games I am too old to enjoy. What is going on? Like I expect to see some news about some games they have in the making but there really wasn’t anything to get excited about. Like outside of Zelda, will there be any good titles this year??

Are you suprised? I think they have sucked for a while now. I mean they seldom actually showcase great games or things they are working on. I feel like you get more information lurking online. I stopped watching them because I felt they have been a waste of time more often than not.

I want that triangle strategy game but i am going to wait until its ported to pc

They tend to have a lot of these in comparison to other consoles so I am not surprised they aren’t as good. If they waited until they had more news or more to talk about, they would end up being a lot longer as well.

They had some stuff to share and while it wasn’t some sort of banger in terms of their other Directs, it was fine. I mean it is more so about PR and stuff so you can’t get mad when nothing interests you in them. Just don’t watch them and read recaps.

I haven’t bothered watching them in some time. I am either working when they are on or I am busy. I will just do what Ant said and read recap blog posts about them. I am sure it is cool when they have a big announcement to watch it live but eh. I am fine with reading about it.