NieR:Automata Is Getting Hit Hard With Bad Reviews

I guess people are mad that they released a fixed running version elsewhere and left the broken port on Steam with nothing fixed. I am wondering why it wasn’t attempted myself and I get why people are mad but the game came out like 4 years ago. Shouldn’t they just move on? I played the game through Steam and had issues but I finished it and enjoyed it even with the bugs and whatnot.

I never played the game but I did hear about this yesterday. I was shocked people would be this upset over a game that is not new. Like I thought it had come out last year and I could see it being justifiable to be upset then but 4 years??

They had no obligation to update the game though. Like I get being mad about it… But the time for being mad over it has come and gone. :roll_eyes:

I didn’t even know people still cared about this game much less that they were doing another release of it. If I bought a game that was only half done or loaded with bugs, I wouldn’t be happy about it… Just like Cyberpunk but even though that game just came out in what, December? People, including myself, are already over it.

I would bet that some of these people are just in on it for the trolling. I can’t imagine there are that many people who are upset over a badly ported game from 4 years ago.