Niantic Buys Mayhem

Pokèmon Go creator Niantic has acquired a small SF gaming startup building a league and tournament organization platform to help gamers create their own communities around popular titles.

This is an interesting move. I feel like they are going to really evolve the mobile gaming scene which is interesting. I don’t play Pokemon Go but this will surely impact other sectors of gaming and games in general.

I don’t even remember hearing about Mayhem so they must have been quite small. I don’t know what their plans are with this but at least we can see some businesses still doing well after the crap show we had that was 2020.

Niantic created Pokemon Go? How did I not know this? lol

I could have sworn it was another company. Either way, I am sure they will continue to buy up more smaller companies and expand even more. Good for them.

I saw something about them shutting down Pokemon Go this summer though. Did I read wrong?? It seems like they want to give up on the project.

Nah that is a money maker for them. Pokemon Go seems to be doing just fine. They did a lot better for the first year it was out but a lot of adults have since stopped playing. Still, a lot of teens and kids play the game.