Next GTA protagonist to be a GIRL?

Hello I’ve heard rumors about the next GTA game’s protag being a girl o.o … how does this make everyone feel? personally I think it’s a step in the right direction for diversity in video games cuz after all girls can be gangsters too! :facepunch:

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Where did you see this? I don’t mind. Even though I normally pick guy characters when given the choice, I’ll play as a girl.

I like to play as the girl in Pokemon :slight_smile: I wonder if we can have POC like latinx and afro-latinx playable characters??

Linky :slight_smile:

here u go!

It’s really disgusting how they have to shove that in your face like you’re supposed to like it, especially moments when they finally take off their heavy boots and peel their soaked sweaty socks off their stinky feet finally releasing the trapped, rich aroma after hours and hours of running around…its to distracting I’m just trying to enjoy the game haha

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wundersuc more like wundercucc lmao


That shit is gross… just imagine two women, licking on each other’s titty balls

I don’t mind female leads in video games. I never have. One of my favorite titles is Metroid. I also loved the Tomb Raider series. The only issue I would have with this if it was some kind of woke BS that is cramming a female lead down our throats just for the sake of being a woman. That is what I think most “gaming journalists” do not grasp today.

Eww, gross! Who would want to play as a woman in a videogame!

I hope you guys are joking here. Like Gat0r mentioned, a lot of great titles feature female leads. I have no issue with GTA having a female lead so long as she is a good character and the story works for her.

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Thanks! Wow. I wonder if it’s true

On a serious note, it would be cool if the new female lead was based off of a tough empowered female like Young M.A. or Megan Thee Stallion :slight_smile:

its a trap ,

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I do NOT like playing games as a woman! Sometimes if I do I feel real nostalgic and weird (loss?) like I took … pills (blue ones). I have dreams (children say nightmares) about being a woman often enough and those already make me UNCOMFORTABLE!

Stop trolling. lol

Most people don’t care. I don’t know a single person who would be upset about a female lead in a GTA game.

Would be a nice change. Or maybe a customized option to make it like they did for gta online to be the main protagonist

I would prefer to see it be optional. Like let you play as a man or a woman. This way you get a reason to play through twice for different events and interactions. Make the stories a bit different depending on who you play as.

Now that Biden will be president I expect him to mandate all protagonists are powerful women.

even if its optional you still pickin a women, that’s what’s wrong wit you

*powerful women of color

You forgot the second part of that. LOL Your comment made me laugh though. I legit could see this being a thing with all the wacky stuff that man has been saying lately. Harris will be president before summer.

As for the topic, I prefer to play as a guy because I am a guy. At least when it comes to games like this one. Some I don’t care but if I am playing an open-world “roleplaying” style game, I want to be a man. I played as a male V for Cyberpunk 2077.

While I certainly don’t care if the main character of any game is a man or woman, I feel like GTA is one of those games that would be better off sticking to a male lead given the context of the game and the interactions in it.