New Xfire App - What Features?

can you make the fire in the Xfire logo move and change colors even on the webpage 24/7 maybe put in all the way over on the right side to the left screen for the webpage and the fire spreads


That’s an interesting suggestion. On the one hand, that’s reminiscent of the old-school webpages back in the day, so it could give a retro-cool vibe. On the other hand, we do try to keep the site optimized for both desktop and mobile. But we’ll look into the possibility. Thanks!

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can Xfire have a server browser for a lot of games


We are looking at several options in incorporating a server browser for multiple games, but will likely be for the most popular ones, at least at the start and see how well it works and used before adding more accessibility.

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Discord may be easy to use but it is cluttered as hell. Xfire on the other hand had an efficient simple design with a lot of empty space that could be used for other features.

Like Discord, Xfire should have many of the same features but with a slim modern design.

For the old design I liked that friends was the default tab on the left menu. On Discord its out of the way and not really necessary to have a friendslist. The rest of the left menu buttons could also be put elsewhere as a submenu such as Tools and replaced by “communities” aka clans/servers.

In these communities you would have your voice chat channels etc, and a layout that allows file sharing between users if they are opted in, I would love a folder setup like this for each community I join:

Why would I like something like that? Discord has pinned messages per -channel- This makes it a pain in the ass to hunt down content and also if you want to find something again that isn’t pinned you have to scroll and scroll and scroll. Xfire could do it better by ALSO categorizing content by channel but organizing it on their computer to view content easier. (browse local files)

Voice chat with commander/priority speaker is a must. You will get your MMO crowd back. The reason people aren’t using teamspeak for this is because you can view an IP address on servers that don’t have permissions set up correctly.


These are great suggestions! We’ll certainly take them into consideration. On that note, we really want to make the new app be geared to gamers and for gamers. Discord has become… well let’s just be nice and call it “mainstream”.

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I agree, I don’t much care for Nitro and server boosting and all the social media aspects that come with it.

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Or maybe it would be a good idea to release an alpha version of the new application and test (open or closed tests - like Gog Galaxy)?

I think it is worth looking at how GoG Galaxy is developing now and taking a similar path of development?

I hated Discord Nitro. After being exposed to, it was probably the dumbest thing ever to paywall custom emojis across guilds.

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Our devs are hard at work at it. We’re aiming for a late 2021-early 2022 release of a build, but that may change, depending on multiple factors (not least of which making sure our testing from this side is working well enough to minimize the inevitable bug reports).
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The thing that made Xfire my IM of choice was its simplicity; as you said: no frills, easy to use. It had wonderful features like a built in server browser and clans, but honestly, none of that is why I would still be using Xfire today.

I still prefer a text-only chat, like Xfire, MSN and IRC before it, but with freely resizable windows, down to whatever size I see fit. I’m sick of programs thinking I want to dedicate my entire screen realestate to them or their tacked-on features that simply don’t need to be always visible, so they often find themselves not launching with Windows (Battlenet, Origin, et al, are really bad for this, I only launch them when I /need/ them).

I also prefer a basic, text-based contact list with one contact per line, so I can effectively have hundreds of contacts without the congestion (I have over 300 on Steam, and less than 10 on Discord). Profiles with activity and links to social media, etc, add a lot, but they’re not necessary for the function of a chat client. Obviously, my desire is for a program that focuses on direct communication with individuals. I earnestly wouldn’t care if it didn’t have VOIP functionality; we all used Vent, TS, and Mumble while texting on Xfire back in the day, anyway. It’d also be hard to compete with Discord for ease of use, so I say don’t even try.

Game integration was an amazing feature, and having a third-party program show people what I’m playing regardless of DRM platform, and even offering ways to connect at the press of a button is a highly desirable feature, though I can understand most modern games don’t support that. Discord actually does what it can relatively well, along with displaying your playing music using spotify (RIP Winamp plugin) and also if you’re streaming on a supported platform.

Though I use Trillian and Telegram for some close friends, most of my gaming mates were reluctant to migrate, and I now primarily use Discord for groups and continue to use Steam for 1-on-1 communication, despite my distaste for its recent web-based updates (mostly because they’ve poorly designed it; I have no distaste for web-based apps in general, and programs like Discord prove that it can work very well).

We’ve been spoiled by modern features in recent times, and while not necessarily bad, they are often implemented in ways that I don’t really like. If you could improve upon them, I wouldn’t be opposed to welcoming them. Things like link embedding, as well as in-line file and photo sharing are extremely handy when they work, however most implementations of these have made the embeds far too obnoxious, and introduced a ton of wasted space.

I am all-for modular design and optional features so that I can customize my experience to my liking. Of course, Xfire did not have much of these, but it hit the nail on the head for my preferences, especially with its later skin updates following community feedback (shadow skin ftw, anyone?).

If you are open to community feedback and want to have a userbase of alpha testers, I will absolutely be on board from day 1. I made my account here just now to post this comment, even. I am extremely keen to find a gaming-focused alternative for what I’m using now, and I know many of my friends are, too. With the reputation you’ve inherited, I’m sure many of my people will flood back in for name, and I absolutely think you should capitalize on that.

I very much look forward to seeing what comes of this, and best of luck mate!



And that is at the heart of what we’re trying to do. Nothing too fancy, but something that meets enough of the old guard with the new generation of gamers and geeks halfway. Customizable both with its use and with appearance, without taking away functionality.

Thank you for your input, TopMostDog! Rest assured we will let you all know when an alpha is out to test drive it and get the ball rolling.

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how is the app coming along?

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Moving along as projected. Going through the usual motions of developing and bug-testing back and forth. So we’re still looking at late 2021-early 2022. :sunglasses: :video_game:


are you guys going to do a closed alpha or beta at some point before release?


We will probably do a closed alpha and public beta around the projected timeline. Everything else is in-house for the interim.


Yes but when this closed alpha will be finally ready eh sorry but y’ waiting from too much the comeback about my first social in game eh ok?