New Xfire App - What Features?

Hey everyone

Its’s become overwhelmingly obvious that the “old” Xfire community is alive and well!

On that front, and before I go on further, it’s important to note that I only took over the domain I do not have access to any old data including screenshots, or the old app etc. I know people have copies of the installer for the old app but that was written by someone else and likely still owned/copyright by someone else.

So we are essentially starting from scratch.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. You - the community - can have direct input on the features that you’d like to see in a new Xfire app. So, what do you want to see?

Here’s some simple features which I think would be a good starting point from which to get a new app up and running asap. I want to build on, edit, and delete them according to what you guys want though.

  • Basic, no fills, easy to use
  • Profiles
  • Friends lists
  • Messaging
  • Record and share screenshots/video

The above seems like a fairly good starting point?

Mobile? When the old app was around mobile was not really a thing. Would mobile apps be useful for communicating with friends? Why would you use an Xfire app as opposed to Discord or FB Messenger, etc?


I like the idea of having an app for this place simply because Discord can be a pain to use on my phone at times and I don’t use Facebook. I am trying to move away from Discord completely for privacy concerns. I would much rather use apps for the forums/communities I am a part of.


First sorry for my bad English language(not native) old xFire app is excellent for taking a picture or record video using small space on HDD, I really enjoy using xFire for record game and taking pictures, and xFire app work so fast, not like steam right now. I really hope this new app will work like the old xFire app.


The old app was able to record stuff? I was not part of the place when the app was launched so I must have missed out on a lot of really cool features! Glad to see the new management of the place is willing to work with the community. I am looking forward to seeing what this place can become.


I think a feature to customize the client on the client side for PCs would be cool (i.e., custom sound packs, skins, plugins, etc.). For mobile though you might have to just limit it to simple colours to change the theme of the app.

I think one of the great features of Xfire’s community was the amount of personality people put into the sound packs and skins for the old client, and I’d love to see that level of customization again. Since Discord loves to ban third-party launchers that are built to personalize the client it seems.


You should be able to customize the app with skins/themes etc., as well have the function to send files friends, also able to take screenshots of the games that you are playing to be shared as well


it could be a recording software on the same level as shadowplay and allow us to share clips and screenshots. This in combination with the old xfire profile tracking game hours, showing your rig etc. is what I miss about discord and steam


Completely forgot the rig section of the old profile! I never had a chance to properly use it, since I was gaming on a laptop back then. :joy:


this is my opinion for the desktop client


game playtime
video record
gameservers info ( ip address, playerlist, ping, location , slots)
share screenshots
send some files

For the UI i think will be good to use a minimal with a chance to create or customize ur own skin or install some created by other users

MOBILE, well i think some basic feature like see friend online and voice call


And skins for app


I hope they bring back old xfire… it was the best.


don’t bother, for your sake. The market is different, there’s absolutely nothing that the handful of people running this site can offer that Discord/Twitch and the like don’t have. There’s a reason why some features of Xfire haven’t really lived on in other products. You’d be sitting on a dead product from conception. Evolve tried to do the same thing and the devs just ended up spending their money and investor capital on keeping a garbage app on life support.

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I think having chat is a good move. Maybe having some kind of voice chat option for people who are gaming together, similar to Discord but obviously on a smaller system/network and more simplified.


voice chat, computer software ofc , mobile compatible , crossover with xb and ps , Server details like the old one , open or private profiles, game status and profile status for play time, stream ofc because is the new thing right now.


If you are making the Xfire app. Don’t forget to make so we can find our gaming servers easier like before.
all what we need to most at that app is:
Server searcher for the cracked server (cod2,cod4) and other games.
Country flags on profile pages/window
Creative:clan,communuty,team groups,
Voice call,
a system that can count our hours spent on games,
a system that you can add someone with his username only,
overlay system for chatting while playing a game (every game even single/multiplayer player).

if you do that, 2M users will come back where they belong. :slight_smile: My old acc: ante56 , I still remember everything, like was yesterday.


I think there is a movement happening for people to get away from social networks like Twitter and Facebook. A lot of people don’t even want to use Discord anymore either. If you can manage to get a lot of the features these platforms have, I can bet you more and more people join here. No one wants to have to worry about losing their friends online or their communities over a joke they said online.


Xfire app for Windows 10 Gamebar and Xbox and PlayStation


add achievements and rank /lv system on profile rating system. tournaments/ ladders. also clans/ communities. Xfire could help bring back a lot of old games from the dead with a server browser/ like games that need Gamespy or tricked with Virtual LAN.


can we have integration with a music player or media monkey something. some of us like to listen to music while we game too if you do ingame tool bar with like windows 10 game bar or something with the new Xfire app