New Mortal Kombat Movie Coming in April

Interesting! I was a fan of the 90’s movies even though they were cringy, it was good cringe! You can check out the cast below. Interesting mix. Anyone planning on watching it? It will be in theaters and released on HBO Max at the same time, in April 2021.


I don’t know how this will do. I don’t want to get my hopes up. Gaming movies tend not to do so well but one could say that about comic book movies not too long ago so you never know. I will wait until after the reviews to decide if it is worth watching.

I agree ^

I will play the wait and see tactic. I do love the games, always have but I was not a fan of the original movies and if they plan on doing it again, I just hope they can do it right this time.

Had no idea they were even attempting this. I will not be getting my hopes up for it. Given the state of the movie industry, I would much rather stick to series. I would have preferred to see it as a TV series actually.

NICE! I actually have wanted movies to be done for this since they started doing those Marvel and DC ones. The movie effects have come a long way so they can make it look seriously good this time around.

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Even if it ends up being terrible, I am going to watch it. I am interested to see how they make this kind of movie in today’s day and age. It was a lot different in the '90s.

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I am not interested in video game movies. I can’t think of a single one I enjoyed. They have all be hot garbage imo. I don’t think doing it today will make it any different than it was in the '90s.

I enjoyed the ones from the '90s though. They weren’t like some blockbuster hits or anything but for what they were, they were enjoyable. I think people put too much pressure on what defines a movie to be “good” these days.

Someone I know who is a HUGE MK fan said that they won’t be watching this even if someone paid them to. I guess these kinds of movies are not for everyone. I think I will watch it. I won’t go to see it or anything, just wait until it is on a streaming platform outside of HBO.

I know a few people like this but they generally hate video game movies. I mean if you look at the history of them, there have been mostly duds. Some are accidentally entertaining but not because they are great movies.