New Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC

I don’t know if anyone here plays this game or not but I thought I would make a thread about some new DLC coming out way on December 20th. Now word on who the new character will be just yet but when the news comes out about it, I will try to remember to post it here.

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Cool. Been wondering when they were going to add someone new. I heard rumors of there being a delay for December and no new fighter being added. Glad to see that was false.

Who did they add last? Wasn’t it Master Roshi?

I feel like they might be better off adding in more characters at once but I guess they like to do it seasonally.

Yeah he was the last. Before him I believe it was Kefla. I think having Roshi added was a big step since he is a fan favorite of older fans of the series.

I don’t play the game personally but I know someone who does, my brother. He is a HUGE DBZ fan so I will let him know. He might not have seen about this.