Most popular games according to state (US)

This is from 2019 so it is a bit dated but likely is still true for the most part. I thought it was interesting to see which state favored which game over others. The list below is for the most played game for each state:

Alaska – World of Warcraft
Hawaii – League of Legends
Washington – Dota 2
Oregon – Monster Hunter: World
California – Dota 2
Idaho – Monster Hunter: World
Nevada – Fortnite
Arizona – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Utah – Minecraft
Montana – Red Dead Redemption 2
Wyoming – Red Dead Redemption 2
Colorado – Rocket League
New Mexico – Mortal Kombat 11
North Dakota – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
South Dakota – Apex Legends
Nebraska – Fortnite
Kansas – Rocket League
Oklahoma – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Texas – Fortnite
Minnesota – Fortnite
Iowa – Fortnite
Missouri – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Arkansas – Fortnite
Lousiana – Grand Theft Auto V
Wisconsin – Fortnite
Illinois – Fortnite
Michigan – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Indiana – Fortnite
Ohio – Rocket League
Kentucky – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Tennessee – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Mississipi – Grand Theft Auto V
Alabama – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Maine – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
New Hampshire – Rocket League
Vermont – Hearthstone
Massachusetts – Fortnite
Rhode Island – Fortnite
Connecticut – Fortnite
New York – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
New Jersey – Fortnite
Pennsylvania – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Delaware – Fortnite
Maryland – Fortnite
Washington DC: Dota 2
West Virginia – Fortnite
Virginia – Fortnite
North Carolina – Fortnite
South Carolina – Fortnite
Georgia – Fortnite
Florida – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

source: The Most Popular Video Games Per State Have Been Revealed, Fortnite Reigns Supreme | Happy Gamer

I am shocked to see this on the list. I don’t know anyone who plays this game anymore. I used to play it weekly but got burned out on it after a while. They did too many changes to it now that I don’t even bother playing it on a rare occasion.

Really? I would have expected sweet home Alabama to be hooked on Fortnite… Then again, they do love their guns. I grew up in Alabama. Place can be nuts lol

Interesting list. I mean this is from late 2019 and I can bet you COVID changed a lot of these numbers. Though I would be shocked if Cyberpunk made the cut. Everyone I know who was hyped for that game doesn’t even talk about it anymore.

Yeah this had to have changed since then. I mean this was surveyed throughout 2019. I would be interested in seeing an updated list for this year considering how much has changed.