"Mobile Gaming Is More Popular Than Console/PC" - No way!

The NPD Group has released a new report, detailing just how much growth the video game industry in the US and Canada saw in 2020 for mobile games specifically.

For the year, the NPD said there were 303.7 million people in the US and Canada who count themselves as mobile users, and 238.7 million of them are “active” mobile gamers. This represents a 12% increase over the number of active mobile gamers in 2019.

As with the home console/PC market, there was a strong surge in mobile gaming growth during 2020 due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic that has led people to play more games overall. “Players are more engaged than ever before, with the average number of hours per week spent playing games on a smartphone or tablet increasing to eight hours in 2020 from six hours a week in 2019,” the report said.

35% of mobile gamers in the US and Canada suggested that it was the COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions that spurred them to player more games on their phones in 2020.


Maybe it is my age or my general circle of family and friends, but I don’t know a single person over the age of 25 that plays mobile games. This seems like the increase is mostly down to teens and young adults who were out of school/lost their jobs and were looking for free games to play.

I think you are right. Like you have to assume a lot of kids who have been out of school and bored looking for things to do likely increased this a lot. Some parents may have also spent money on better phones just to shut them up and keep them busy. I am still not into mobile gaming but I can see why some people are.

A bunch of older people are playing sudoku and scrabble and games like that in their free time. or Little kids play stupid infinite runner games. The average play time per day could be like 5-10 mins, so I can believe it.

That or Among Us is industry changing lol

It isn’t popular in the same regard which they don’t talk about in that article. Like sure, more people are playing mobile games but most spend less than 30 minutes a day playing them.

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Yeah this is likely down to people having more free time and they don’t factor in overall time spent per day. They are just showing you that more people are making use of mobile app games.

I guess that is fair, they aren’t talking about time just more people playing than before. I get if someone downloads a game and plays it like twice a month, they are counted. I can see this being fair polling in that case.