Minecraft Star Wars?!?

I don’t know if anyone saw it yet but this has me scratching my head. I don’t understand the push for games having a “star wars” version of said game. Maybe I am just not a big enough star wars fan or something. I think this is just silly as heck though man. I actually enjoy MInecraft and used to run my own server back in 2012. So yeah, this does not appeal to me at all.

A lot of children seem to be excited about it so I am happy for them. I am not a Star Wars fan at all. I never watched any of the movies or anything. So while I do enjoy Minecraft, I won’t be taking part in this spin-off.

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It is cool for what it is. I can see the appeal. I lost interest in the series when they began milking it. It has gone down hill and has become “woke wars” and I have no interest in that stuff. But like Fish said, a lot of young fans are excited for this.

I like Minecraft. It is one of my favorite games. I never thought I would be THIS into this kind of game but I am. As for this Star Wars nonsense, I am not a fan. I think it is stupid. It is making Minecraft seem like one of them dumb lego games.

This franchise has been milked so hard, they are shooting out dust. I mean this doesn’t look bad or anything but considering the Sims 4 just did a Star Wars expansion pack and it kind of flopped, I won’t be surprised if this does as well.

Yeah I guess this is good for younger fans. I know when the Legos games became a hit, the younger generation in my family loved those even though they weren’t big Star Wars fans.

Gotta keep milking that cash cow! LOL

I will take a firm pass. I do enjoy Minecraft and I did enjoy some of the Star Wars films, I watch the Mandalorian as well. But yeah, this is not for me.