Microsoft looking to buy Discord?

I saw something about this… They are looking to buy the platform for 10 billion. That is nuts! I hardly use it these days but I would never use it if they bought it. I mean, the platform is basically spyware at this point so it would only be made all the most worse under Microsoft’s thumb.

I heard about this. Isn’t Discord Chinese owned but operates in the US? I don’t remember since it has been awhile since I looked into anything on it.

I honestly don’t care what happens with Discord at this point. I have been distancing myself from it for a few years now and don’t even use it anymore. I haven’t used it since early last year and I was only going on it once a month.

time to go back to Teamspeak

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We were expecting one of the big boys would be taking Discord. The signs were there when it went full corporate, so it was just a matter of time before something like this happens. Heck, it happened to Xfire in 2015!

In any case, the in-development, brand-spanking new Xfire app is looking promising. If you want to give your input on its development and features, sound off in the thread!

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Xfire’s coverage of the Microsoft-Discord potential acquisition