Microsoft Ending 'Minecraft Earth'

I completely forgot this was a thing. I had thought that Pokemon Go was ending with it but that seems to be fine, they are only getting rid of Minecraft Earth. I don’t know a single person who even played it. Was it ever even finalized?? Either way, they are ending it on June 30th of this year.

I didn’t even think this was launched but it is in the playstore. I am actually a little curious to try it before they get rid of it now lol

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I played it when it first launched. It never worked right and never felt fun playing it. A lot of people stuck it out but most seemed to walk away from it. There are LOADS of complaints. The idea is cool but the concept was poorly executed for sure.

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This was doomed to fail from the start. It is tech ideas that don’t function with our current technology. Maybe they will figure it out in another 10 years, maybe not.


I thought the same thing myself. The technology and the way it functions sounds great on paper but having tried it, it is just not any good.

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I ended up looking into this more since posting the thread and I guess it was functioning as an app but it was still under development and they can’t afford to keep it going or simply just don’t want to sink any more money into it.