Metal Gear Solid being remade?

There are some rumors floating around because of Bluepoint’s Demon’s Souls remake. A lot of people are speculating what could be next and some are suggesting we might just see an MGS remake in 2021. While I am all for this, they need to really do it justice. The contained stealth feel needs to be there. The voice actors need to be amazing. It would have a lot to live up to which is maybe why they haven’t done it yet. Thoughts?

I can’t see them remaking it because the core fanbase would be too hard to please. The game, in its time, was perfect. If they remade it now with better graphics it would get the same treatment as MGS V which was not very good. I don’t know a single hardcore MGS fan who liked that game.

I can see them eventually trying it but I don’t know if I would say this will be a thing for 2021. Like the way this year has been and the way 2021 is looking already with virus restrictions, I don’t see them coming out with a solid remake anytime soon.

I’m not sure I would want to see this remade.

I have seen a lot of remakes in games over the years and I have liked very, very few of them. Even the ones you wouldn’t think would get messed up just didn’t live up to the prior game.

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I agree with @Kenny76

I feel like if they do a remake for this game, it will just end up being terrible. I would be fine with updated graphics but they need to keep everything the same and I believe they already did this before.

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As much as I loved this series (at least the first 3 games anyway) I can’t see myself wanting it to be remade. I feel like classics like this need to remain as they are. The more they try to update and bring back things like this, the more things they end up ruining.

The franchise has been dead for a while as far as I am concerned. They kind of ruined it. Them remaking the classic games should be done just to introduce younger people to the story since I believe it is one that can speak to a lot of people both politically and philosophically.

Yeah they did that for MGS 1 and MGS 2 I believe. Might have even did 3 and 4 as well, I am not sure. I just think games like this should not be touched because current times will not allow certain parts of the story to play out as intended without being judged wrongly.