Konami Rumors NOT True

I don’t know if anyone here heard about these rumors but supposedly Konami was shutting down its gaming division within the company. Rumors were being spread on Reddit, Twitter, and a few other places. They are just working on an internal restructure and the news was taken out of context. Seems about right these days.

These kinds of rumors happen every time there is vague news. Like you can’t just announce “changes are coming” and keep them to yourself, people will naturally flock to some kind of thought process that thinks the worst.

I don’t know why people would think they would just give up the gaming sector of there company when it brings in millions for them every year. That is just silly!

I never understood these kinds of rumors nor why people fall for them. I think a lot of people who believe them though have not spent enough time online before it was mainstream. Like I remember my parents and older sister just googling stuff and checking their emails but now people are on social platforms and don’t function well because they lack commonsense and social skills for online interactions. Likely why trolling is a huge thing these days and people get offended by everything they read.

So what games do they have planned?

At this point i hope they do quality has gone down hill a lot and all they pump out is slot machine and gambling games. And remakes. Metal gear survive or what ever it’s called was awful.

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I hate what they did with Metal Gear. The survive game was so stupid and I will be honest, not a fan of MGS V either. The story felt forced and the characters felt empty to me. It just seemed lazy in comparison to the other games.

I liked MGS V but I am with you. rustycar. it be cool to have a remake of MGS 3 in engine of MGS V.

I have no idea what Konami is planning when it comes to games at this point but considering no new news has come out, this is likely why this rumor caught traction. Like has anyone heard anything about any titles they are working on? I haven’t.