Koei Tecmo Cyber-attack

I don’t know if anyone is signed up on the site or the forum but you may want to change your details. Over 65,000 accounts on the European forum may have been compromised. They said no important details were obtained such as credit card numbers or IDs, addresses, etc. but still. Both the EU and US sites are down right now to prevent further attacks.

I heard about this. I was never a member there so I have nothing to worry about but I know a friend who is and he said he hasn’t been able to access anything since it happened.

Weren’t they trying to get money or something out of this? Sucks that they were able to get personal information from all those people. It makes me wonder if they intended on hacking the US site next had they not taken things down.

These kinds of attacks happen all the time to major networks and sites, we just seldom hear about them because they don’t breach anything. This time, they did and they created quite the mess I see.

^ That is very true.
They must have had some vulnerabilities that were overlooked. Has it been brought back online yet? I haven’t even checked.