KFC's Game Console...wth?

I thought this was a joke. I really did. What is happening?!? LOL

I don’t know how I feel about this. This is an ad but it is also a console… But also a kitchen appliance… wth

LOL why though? Like seriously… Why? I mean this is funny but I wouldn’t spend money on it. I feel like this is just an accident waiting to happen as well since there is a “warming” area for chicken.

Marketing is becoming a whole new kind of monster. They also had that “movie” on Lifetime. My wife was watching it. I ended up watching it with her. I couldn’t look away. I have no idea what they are doing anymore but it could be some of the most genius marketing of our time.

They are just pandering to people by using ridiculous gimmicks to get people talking. It doesn’t matter if they really make this or even sell any of them. What matters is that people are talking about KFC.

Based on those specs… This is going to easily be $1000 or more. I can’t see them making a lot of them. Maybe they will produce like 5,000 consoles and whoever gets them will be one of few to own one. I still feel like this is a joke though.

Gimmick/joke or not, I think this is actually really smart marketing. They are doing this without an end-goal of actually getting people to buy their chicken but more so to get people thinking about KFC and talking about it, thus, creating free (essentially) advertisement.

So where/how can someone buy one?

I am not seeing any option on their site for this so to me, it is coming off as a gag or something.

This is a meme. What are you gonna do when you get nasty chicken grease all over your GPU? The smell might be nice but the electrical fire doesn’t sound as pleasant XDD

[I work for AMD, thank you.]

Imagine smelling it. And then imagine burning your house down because of a grease fire you started while playing a video game. That would be the craziest story and something from Florida Man lore if I ever did hear it. lol

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Lol don’t dismiss this just yet. They been successful so far. If they feel there is a market for them, why else do the investment? Besides it looks awesome! Esp compared to ps5 lol

I worry that eating chicken heated by computer fumes could taste really bad and make people sick. Add an airfilter!

“Bad capacitor fumes… Don’t breathe this!”

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I build better comps than lol. Kfc console who would buy that? Srsly just make your own lol.

Kfc’s good though ngl. Add me on Steam.

I’ve heard that ThermalTake cases are of third world country level quality. Is this true?

wow, you said KFC was good, auto disqualification. you might as well be a laptop gamer no offence

lol, it kinda looks like squidward

No lol its very roomy and good quality.

cant unsee now,

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You know, even if they did make these, I highly doubt they would make a lot of them. Would probably make like 5,000 units tops and then pray there are no lawsuits from fires. lol