Kevin Lin Leaving Twitch

Kevin is looking to expand beyond Twitch and try new ventures in life. While the remaining team behind Twitch, I am sure it will do just fine.

Kevin Lin stated “I’m so excited to stretch my curiosity and to continue exploring a world where technology is a positive amplifier in our lives. I will build again. I hope to create something as remarkable as Twitch again, to build with amazing people who will challenge me, and to make the world we experience better.”

I hope whatever he dabbles with next will be just as big as Twitch. I mean Twitch really changed things for a lot of gamers. Looking forward to seeing what new ideas Kevin brings to the table.

I wonder if he will take a shot at hosting his own gaming platform similar to Steam. Would be interesting. I am not sure where he plans on going from here but I am grateful for what he has done.

I will be honest… I have no idea who this is. I clicked the thread thinking it was some streamer. I don’t know any of the people behind Twitch, is that bad? I mean the business aspect of the site is probably fascinating for some but it isn’t anything I have ever been interested in.

I know of his name but I don’t know anything else about him. Just that he was part of the team that made Twitch. I do wonder what he will focus on next. More gaming? Who knows.

If I had to guess, most people on the platform don’t even know who he is unless they met him personally. I only know because I am always reading news about new platforms and when Twitch started, I was interested in seeing where it goes.