Keanu Reeves Approves of Cyberpunk 2077

So this is pretty cool. Keanu actually got to play the game and he loves it. No word on if he finished it or not but he was part of the late testing team. I never pegged him as someone who plays video games but I guess you really can’t tell this about someone these days.

There is a good chance he was paid for good PR of the game. I think the man is a solid dude but we can’t forget he is a paid actor.

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Yeah I am with Rusty on this one. He likely is just saying that. The man probably doesn’t have time to enjoy video games. I mean if you can prove me wrong, please do. I just don’t see it. He probably played like 20 minutes of the game and was like “Yeah, I love it.”.

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I think it is impressive how invested he clearly was into the game even if he is not a gamer and never plans on completing the game. I think the whole team in this company made him feel welcomed and made for an enjoyable work space and that says a lot.

I was going to say this is just PR. I am a fan of Keanu and think he is one of the few decent people to go to Hollywood and remain wholesome and decent but we all know he was paid good money to be a part of this game and give it a good word.

Sure, he was paid but I don’t think this man is dishonest. If I am not mistaken, he did play video games when he was younger so it is not farfetched to say he didn’t play this and enjoy it.

I remember hearing about this back in the late 80’s. Granted, I was a kid but I still thought it was cool that he enjoyed video games. It was not something that was widely talked about back then outside of the fanbases.