Just Found This. Is This An XFire Application Revival Community?

Is this group possibly interested or is attempting to bring back xfire? as in THE xfire from back in the day? if so, hats off to you guys and I hope by some crazy miracle we can one day get the application back up and running somehow. Happy to be here!

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Hey there. Yeah, it has been mentioned on here already and I believe some people are in the works of making this happen. I believe the owner wants feedback from the OG community on the future of the social network moving forward as well so it is nice to see old members coming back.


I was happy to stumble on it myself. Like Prolix mentioned, there is talks of bringing a lot of the features and stuff back though I don’t think the actual messages, posts, and data and be recovered all things considered. Still happy to see more people joining and finding the place, old or new.

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Yeah when I saw the site I flipped out. I absolutely loved xfire back in the day, and honestly it was the best social platform for gaming, like ever. I like discord but xfire was better in some ways, maybe it’s just nostalgia for me, but if it makes a comeback ill be incredibly happy. Im fine with not having the old posts and stuff, but if the client comes back, with all the features it mainly had back then, id be more than satisfied

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As someone from the OG community, please bring it back or at least add on more forums. Also add RSE back pls

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This forum appears to be using Discourse, they can’t really “add” more forums/sub-forums from what most of us are familiar with. :frowning: They’d have to migrate to a more classic software like vBulletin (the old site used it), Invision Power Board, or MyBB. Maybe the webmaster can hear us out? :thinking:

Wow, what is your problem with some of the users on here? Your tone in some of these posts seems to be reminiscent of seething. I for one would love to see the client back so I don’t have to use some chat app that begs me for $10 donations every time I try to stream my game… :-1:

If they intend to keep using Discourse they could add some more categories. Maybe hide some categories from the main chat (?) if possible so it looks more coherent to newbies.

@lolimoon @Fuccboi44 have added some more categories and will happily consider any other suggestions!


I hope it happens…Xfire was my shit back in the day. Steam and Discord just aren’t the same.

I was a little bit sad when I got my computer for the first time in a long time, (Long Story) and discovered that the application was not around any more.

But as I read on, I was glad to see that it might be coming back in some form soon…

Let’s hope! :pray: