Join my new xfire world of warcraft guild

hello all! i am opening up sign ups for my new WoW guild just for xfire members only. I am calling it Agents of Xfire. I already have @mfive signed up as a guild officer. We raid every friday at 9 pm. o yea i forgot to
mention this is a gnome only guild.

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I’d join but I only like playing as the elves. Also do you play WOW classic?

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yes @WonderGamer is the Chief Girl Gamer in the guild

no elves allowed bitch

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Lol. I know you’re joking, but that’s pretty rude! I’m going to make my own guild and allow everyone BUT gnomes. >:]

I am already in a WoW classic guild but i wish you the best your short little man :slight_smile:

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I think playing WoW is bad for your health. I have a friend who used to participate in social events but now all he does is call them off so he can do WoW raids or whatever with his friends. I think he has an addiction to it and Blizzard doesn’t keep this stuff in check.

Thing is he won’t get off the game because he wants to level up and “max” out his character so he has became an unhealthy recluse. I don’t think he’s the only one either… :frowning:

Go back to Twitter, kids

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they got twittys there


We raid at 9PM, and then watch Riley Reid at 11PM.

If you are interested, please ask my mom for permission at

She likes to make sure I am not talking to any strange people after my Family Guy LARP club was reported by the school principal.


go to bed imposter. sleep… (or rot)

I love this plan, I’ll have to let her know.

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