Is Rust suddenly popular again?

I played this game in the earlier days and enjoyed it but the community went downhill in a dumpster fire and I feel they made too many changes for the worse on the game so I quit playing. Now I am seeing people streaming it all the time and playing it on YouTube. I thought the game was not popular anymore. What caused this to be played again by streamers/gamers on Youtube/Twitch?

I think the creators (maybe?) made a server just for people on Twitch and YouTube to hang out together and play the game without being interfered with. I don’t know many who are playing it myself because I don’t follow as many “gamers” these days but I know penguinz0 has been playing it lately.

^ I heard similar. It was a private server made for specific people. I don’t know what all they do on it but I know a number of people got back into playing it again because they are seeing others playing it again.

I stopped playing this when they destroyed the core of the game I enjoyed. I don’t care if more people are playing it and someone on Twitch or YouTube is playing it again with all their friends… It is not worth the time. The online is horrid. My friend still plays it and complains about it all the time. He said it is almost as bad as GTA V online.

just another day z clone destined for failure, you sure you want to ride that train?

It was never not popular in the sense that they have their own fanbase and committed players. It is just seeming to be more popular and relevant because guys and gals are playing it on Twitch again.

They made an RP server and a lot of streamers got in on it. seems like a fun game to use to RP if youre into that but i dont have the time

Rust is for children. Real men play Halo.

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Rust is fun lol I like raiding, you see mad weird people though

Like come on bro.

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Isn’t Rust just Minecraft HD Edition?

reported for racism and casemodposting

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wtf. how is that allowed?

I saw some really weird stuff man on this game. I guess this is one of those bucket games that lets people do whatever they want so they make some weird stuff, sometimes racist/sexist stuff. Like I don’t get offended up upset over it but I would imagine if enough word spread, people would lose their crap and demand the game be taken down.