Is Halo 3 on Steam worth $6?

I know a sale started today. Got an e-mail about it some games being on sale. I see that Halo 3 is on sale from $10 to $6. I had it in my wishlist because I was going to buy it but changed my mind. I forgot about it up until now and I am thinking about getting it again since it is cheaper. I would get it to play online though and I don’t know if that is even active anymore.

I don’t think they get very many players online these days. Likely less than 3,000 most days and that can be a stretch at times. I don’t know if it would be worth it if hardly anyone is on. You’d be waiting for lobbies for ages.

I would check the recent reviews. Usually, people will say whether or not it is dead but I would advise trying to find a group of people to play with so you can at least have a private game going.

I heard theyre adding a server browser to MCC.

ALSO 6 bucks to play halo 3 sp campaign is worth it imo.

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Halo 3 is worth $6 with crossplay on pc and xbox there always someone to play with and server browser and new maps from halo online. MCC is definitely worth it and a good deal.

The issue I am seeing is that there are complaints from people trying to play the game with their friends. I was upset about this because I intended on playing it with someone and they backed out. I am playing through it myself now. The online is not dead but it is not as active as more popular modern games.

I never have issues playing with friends or online with people unless servers are down once in a blue moon. I know people on vpn have a lot of problems playing halo mcc

Is this still on sale? I might get it. I don’t care if it is very active or not online. I loved the story and it has been years since I played it. My disc for the 360 got busted so it isn’t like I can go back and play it either.

Tis not on sale anymore. I would have gotten it had I been paying attention. lol Next time it goes on sale, just grab it. You will get $6 worth of enjoyment out of it,.

It goes on sale all the time. Probably will go on sale again if they do a St Patrick’s Day sale. Otherwise, maybe Easter? If not then for sure for the summer sale.

you can always try it on pc for like 1$ for a month with gamepass on pc and many other games

I still think it is worth $10 so buying it even when it isn’t on sale, you are still getting a good deal. The game is dated but still managed to age well even though it is from like what, 15 years ago?

This is a good point as well. I mean it might be worth it to just see how active it is online. If you decide it is active enough, then buy it.

Just buy it. I know it isn’t on sale anymore but there are enough players on there for you to find matches relatively easily. I have played old COD games with fewer players and still found matches.

I had completely forgotten I posted this here. LOL!

I did end up getting it and I am having fun with it. Thanks for all the feedback. And yeah, the online end isn’t super popular but it has enough players on most of the time to find a match pretty fast all things considered.

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How long do you think you wait on average to find a match? I have heard some people saying anywhere from 60 seconds to 10 minutes. I would hate to be waiting 10 minutes just to play a round.

Unless I’m doing a very particular and obscure game mode does it take me a long time to find a match. Most of the time it’s pretty quick.

Glad to see you went with it. I mean it is a good deal for one of the few games out there that aged well. I mean the game feels like it can fit in today’s modern games as a very developed indie game with average graphics.

The longest I had to wait to be put in a match was probably 4 minutes and that was cause people get backing out and rejoining. Most of the time it takes a minute or so which is standard.