Is Black Ops Cold War really that bad?

I been hearing stuff about the game’s online multiplayer being terrible. I haven’t played a CoD game in a while but I am curious if anyone here has the game since I am seeing CoD related threads popping up. I was considering getting it next week so I can play with my brother but if the game is that bad, I won’t bother.

First off, the last good CoD on PC was CoD5. And i will tell you why, because that was the last CoD with a good netcode, everything after that was trash. Newer CoDs were playable thanks to modded cliends such as platonium, repz, iw4x and so on which provided actual dedicated servers with good connection. The latest CoD i played was MW 2019 and that one had horrible netcoding and hit detection. Another thing why you shouldnt buy any game from activision actually is that, in CoD 2019, if you paid for premium/game pass you would get to play agains players with worse K/D ( plus you already have better guns ) and the game will actually force the netcode to be on your side, so your hits will register better and you will deal more damage. After hearing that that is the way CoD MW 2019 works, i immediately sold my account i never looked back. Pure scam. Am saying thins since its quite possible that CoD Cold War has a similar mechanism built in the game.

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Aside from what xXxmass mentioned, the franchise took a different direction and tried simplifying the online experience to regain what they once had with older titles but they made it too simple. There are also all sorts of exploits and bugs which frankly, allow average plays to dominate in lobbies and unbalances everything. I only played the game a handful of times at a friend’s and while I can say you can still have fun with it, it is not worth $60. I wouldn’t pay more than $20 for a game like this.

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Bad in the sense of what exactly? In my book, CoD has been the same game for years now. Just different settings, maps, and guns. I never got into it because of that reason. I loved CoD 4 and tried a few after that and just didn’t like them.

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The game in and of itself is not bad from what I can tell. I have not played it but the backlash is likely down to unbalanced game mechanics mixed with an overly simplified ranking system that ends up hurting some players while boosting others.

I played it for a few months. It is not terrible but it doesn’t feel the same as the older games. I mean I hadn’t played a CoD game in several years so the change may have been more gradual for someone who bought their titles every year.

This is what I have heard about it ^

A lot of longtime fans are not pleased with the game because they changes too much. They still sold plenty of copies so people not being happy with it won’t do much. They would have to stop buying the games.

Based on reviews and my own experience with the game, I would say it is an okay game and nothing special. I prefer the older titles myself and have not liked the last several years of CoD games. I gave this one a try cause a friend wanted to play online together. I haven’t played it since the end of December. No interest anymore.

On pc black ops cold war is alright on pc. It’s not great to be honest. Graphics are nice with RTX in 8k 60fps. but very lacking in content area and not many maps or weapons way easier that past call of duty maps are better than most of maps in Mondern Warfare 2019. Zombies is alright also way too easy. Definitely not worth $60 bucks more like $20.

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It is one of those games that is worth it if you buy it on sale. I don’t think it is bad, I just don’t think the price tag should be $60 for it.

I would argue it is worse on PC because of the cheaters and hackers. Not as bad as other games but they are there and it is annoying to play with those kinds of people.

Funny thing is I have never run in to hacker on black ops cold war only warzone.